Something to Make You Smile

Our brilliant illustrator, Lisa Rothstein, just had another one of her hilarious, heart-stopping cartoons picked up by the New Yorker magazine this week.

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ACK-FM Interview

One of this weekend’s biggest kicks was the chance to talk about the book with Chris Reiser, operations manager of 97.7 ACK-FM, and David W.

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Lisa Rothstein


Here’s the perfect graduation gift for that high-school senior in your life! For a limited-time only, our award-winning illustrator, Lisa Rothstein, will provide a drawing

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Best Read by Those Who’d Rather Laugh than Weep

Turns out “How to Get Into College,” a quickly-forgotten, 1989 flop starring Nora Dunn & Phil Hartman as high-falutin’ college advisors, was not off-base. Just waaay ahead of its time. What a difference 30 years and the current pay-to-NOT-play scandal have made. Our editor, Alison Leigh Cowan, shares her take on all this, courtesy of the Washington Examiner.

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When Getting In Was Practically a Snap

Top colleges are now accepting fewer than 1 in 10 applicants. But it was not always this tough. Once, even Harvard was admitting nearly 7 out of 8 people who sat for its test. Make sure you’re sitting down before you read on…

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Decision Day for the Class of 2023!

April 1 is the day that high-school seniors await each year with equal parts anticipation and dread. Some will celebrate after opening their envelopes and email, and some will cry. But come May, most will have made their picks and be college-bound! This book holds their hand as they take their next step and their new adventures begin.

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