Welcome to the podcast for the brand-new 6th edition of our best-selling guide, How To Survive Your Freshman Year, where you’ll hear directly from some of the hundreds of students and graduates who contributed to the book.

Episode 2 – Leaving Home

For many, starting college means leaving the comforts of home for the first time. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the world, this can be an intimidating experience. We talked to freshman-year veterans who moved all kinds of distances for their college experience. We wanted to know: How nervous were they leading up to the big day? And how did they handle it once it finally came? We heard a lot about excitement, homesickness, and personal growth. Hear their wisdom and diminish your anxiety. They did it. You can, too.

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About the podcast host

Anthony Wallace is a Phoenix-based writer and thinker who recently survived college himself. He graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Northern Arizona University in snowy Flagstaff, AZ. He can be best reached at [email protected]

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