Graduation Gifts

Perfect gifts, all reasonably priced, to send yourself or someone you love off to college with:
Start with our all-purpose how-to guide that covers all the bases from “How to Get Along With Roommates” to “What to Do About the Dining Hall Blues.”
+ tax and shipping if purchased here:
For orders of 10 books or more, please contact [email protected].

Limited-Time Bonus from now till Graduation Day 2019

Get a custom doodle of YOUR special grad from the book’s award-winning illustrator with your purchase of every book!

Here’s how:
1. Buy the sixth edition of the book from this site or any other outlet
2. Upload a screenshot of your order #
3. Upload the gift recipient’s photo and add a hobby, major or their future college if you want them added to the drawing
4. Give us 5 days from receipt and you’ll receive your custom doodle by our illustrator, Lisa Rothstein, via email, for you to print out and present along with the book.

The perfect graduation gift!

"It's only my opinion, but he doesn't look like the best choice for an emotional support animal."

Now that colleges have learned to welcome emotional support animals, students are finding what works for them. Illustration by award-winning cartoonist Lisa Rothstein.

“Don’t knock it, sweetie. It pays $33 an hour!”

For the hardworking college student in your life. This T-shirt celebrates one of the best-paying, though little-known, campus jobs around. Illustration by award-winning cartoonist Lisa Rothstein.
The perfect way to show off your individuality at college. Lettering by award-winning cartoonist Lisa Rothstein.
Keep this cheat sheet handy if you or someone you love is thinking of rushing at college. Knowledge of this alphabet may spare you from having to do more push-ups or drinks than you might otherwise enjoy. Illustration by award-winning cartoonist Lisa Rothstein.
Five surefire excuses penned by Chicago comedian, Val Bodurtha. Skateboarder illustration by award-winning cartoonist Lisa Rothstein.