What to Pack: Two Views

If you ask my son, all he thinks he needs for college are his phone chargers and, maybe, some ear buds. Everything else he imagines is a luxury he can get along without. 

It’s certainly one extreme. No one says you have to drag everything you own with you to college. But why leave things to chance? And why put yourself in a position of having to buy routine things once you get to school at jacked-up prices? That same desk lamp that costs $29 at Target can run you many times that at the university store, assuming there are any left when you arrive.

For those who want to pack smart, and bring just the right things with them to college, check out the Killer Packing List we have compiled for you in Chapter One of “How to Survive Your Freshman Year.” And for those who feel the need to bring their whole lives with them to school, we also have advice from your peers on what not to bring.  

Our campus reporter, Catherine Oriel, has even included a smart round-up of services that let you do more shipping and less schlepping.   

– Alison, editor of “How to Survive Your Freshman Year.”  

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