A Guide for Young People, by Young People

One key difference between a “Hundreds of Heads” book and other advice books geared for the college set is the extent to which the Hundreds of Heads book features multiple points of view.

Hundreds of Heads’ newly released 6th edition of “How to Survive Your Freshman Year” is a case in point. It draws its strength from 1,000 pieces of straight-talking advice collected over many months from students and recent graduates fresh off the experience at more than 200 campuses around the country. 

These young voices, who represent the ever-shifting, kaleidoscopic spectrum of college life, are the ones that readers hear most from in the book – a point of distinction between this classic how-to and the many guides that are squawk boxes for lone experts.

By contrast, the hundreds of ordinary “experts” who participated in the making of this plain-spoken guide are peers of the reader, and there is little they have not seen, experienced or beheld. So, it’s easy for incoming freshmen to find out just what works, what doesn’t work, and when people disagree about the best way forward. This book lets you hear all sides. Vive la difference!

Alison, editor of “How to Survive Your Freshman Year”

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