Alison Leigh Cowan ’82 Compiles Tips to Navigate College Life

The book: Heading off to college is daunting. Always has been, always will be.

That’s why, in 2004, Yadin Kaufmann ’80 and Mark W. Bernstein published How to Survive Your Freshman Year (Hundreds of Heads Books), a collection of tips from hundreds of college students across the country. It’s part of why, 15 years later, the book is going into its sixth edition.

The latest version, edited by Alison Leigh Cowan ’82, addresses timeless concerns such as what to pack and how to deal with roommates. Laura Wolter from University of Texas at Austin suggests using “Mom’s laundry detergent and fabric softener to make your dorm room smell a little bit more like home!” J.T. from the University of Florida advises caution when buying used books, as “the person who had the highlighter before you may have been an idiot.”

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